Mars Perseverance Rover

Mars Perseverance Rover will be sent to the Red Planet this summer. Check the latest NASA Perseverance Mars Rover updates today. The Perseverance rover’s main mission is to bring rocks and other materials that can be found on Mars back to Earth for study. The American space agency thinks this will be the best way to establishing whether or not life has ever existed on the red planet Mars. The newest rover’s name was officially announced on March 5, 2020, after a six-month “Name the Rover” competition that got more than 28,000 entries from students in kindergarten and high school. Students were asked to make their name suggestions through an essay. The winning entry came from Alex Mather, a 7th grader who dreams to become a NASA engineer.

The car-size rover is the centerpiece of the $2.5 billion Mars 2020 mission and scheduled to land on Mars’ 28-mile-wide (45 kilometers) Jezero Crater in February 2021. Perseverance rover will hunt for life signs on Mars using seven different science instruments and collect important samples for historic return to Earth.